Historic buildings & landmarks

This section is about the visual character of Portishead today, as well as its heritage, mainly in terms of the town's buildings and other physical features but also its landscape setting, open spaces, streets and views.

Portishead has a long and varied history and is set in a key location at the mouth of the River Avon where it meets the Severn. The town's location and the sheltered harbour have made it a pivotal point from at least the Iron Age. From the early nineteenth century it gradually grew into a sizeable town using its position on the Bristol Channel to become an industrial hub based around the docks. With the decline of the docks, there have been major recent housing developments on previous industrial land. It is important that any future changes protect and preserve its unique heritage for future generations.

The Neighbourhood Plan can play a significant role in protecting the local distinctiveness in terms of landscape, streets and buildings and in particular can influence the appropriate design of any new development.

The Plan can also identify locally valued heritage assets such as old gates, some steps, an old postbox, street lamp and modern sculptures.

Please help us do this by completing the survey linked below. We welcome your views on all aspects that shape our town's distinctive identity and the key features, modern and historic that need to be protected and enhanced.