Quantity, Location, Type

We want Portishead to develop as a healthy, green and prosperous community through sustainable change. This means a town with:

Housing that meets the needs of the community.
A mixed economy.
Outstanding built and natural environments.
New investment and development to reduce Portishead's infrastructure deficit

The Neighbourhood Plan can help this to happen by:
Influencing the type and design of housing development in Portishead.
Protecting and identifying new community facilities.
Identifying green spaces to be protected from future development.

North Somerset Council is currently undertaking a review of its policy framework which will include information about the level of growth for Portishead until 2038. Our Neighbourhood Plan can influence how this growth happens, and help to ensure that it meets the needs of our community whilst protecting and enhancing the aspects of our town that we value.

To do this, it is vital that we understand the views and current and future housing needs of our community. Please help us by completing the survey linked below