Public, Cars, Parking, Bicycles

Our Town Council aims to develop a sustainable town by improving well-being, prosperity and the environment. We need a transport infrastructure that supports the needs of local people to be able to get around safely, reliably and cost-effectively whilst making a positive contribution to sustainability.

Transport is not just about vehicular traffic and parking, but also about public transport, pedestrian facilities, cycling and other modes of travel. A balanced range of transport options is a key element to a sustainable place.

The Portishead Neighbourhood Plan offers an opportunity to produce local transport policies and projects. Many traffic matters fall outside the scope of planning such as speed limits and crossing points, so we can’t have planning policies on these but we can include projects in our plan to address these issues. In addition our Neighbourhood plan can give us some influence over transport strategic policies relevant to Portishead which can be incorporated into our Local Authority's (North Somerset Council) Development Plan, giving them statutory status.

However, to include local transport policies in the Portishead Neighbourhood Plan, we must provide evidence of local needs. Please help us by completing a short survey.